Natural wine, more than a “ fermented juice”

For the last 10 years, the trend around natural wines has very much changed and we have seen some crazy and very unexpected style of wines going around. When we ear “Natural Wine”, we should only think about a grape juices fermented unfiltered giving you the impression of a uncompleted wine or more often about a dodgy “apple juice which taste like grape juice. Beyond the move of “Natural wine” there is more to say and more to say: It’s a philosophy, a style of life, a choice of respect for the product. Most importantly and very often it is the true thinking behind the process of winemaking. Where do I start? What is transformed? How do I make a wine in the most respectful environment for the plant, for me and for my customers?

In this session, we will be tasting a range of our favourite Natural wines which should be drunk without “pre-thinking” and can be enjoyed by anyone.

Saturday 31st October, 4pm

5 wines + nibbles

£45pp. Email us to book

Intro to Piedmont

Arneis, Riesling, Chardonnay, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Barolo, Barbaresco and many more could be mentioned to highlight the quality of wines coming out of this region next to Burgundy. Piedmont has as much as to offer in terms of terroir, style of producers and vintage influence. With the selection of 5 differents wines you will experience and have the opportunity to discover the diversity of the region.

Saturday 24th October, 4pm.

5 wines + nibbles, £45 pp.

Email us to book

Explore the Rhone Valley From North to South

In the South of Lyon runs the Rhone River, coming from the Alp mountains and flooding into the Mediterranean sea, this river gives a large variety of soil, climates and style. In the North, Two Grapes represent the diversity of Terroir : Viognier and Syrah! In the South, the region is submerged by a warmer climate and a very sunny summer giving the chance for the winemaker to play with larger quantities of grapes. From the Aromatic and peppery wine to the rich and exuberant and matured red, A lot is happening in this exciting region!

Come and join The Black Book team for a tasting of the Rhone Valley from North to South.

Taste 5 wines + nibbles

£45 pp

Saturday 17th October, 4pm – 5.30pm

Email us to book