Art Exhibition

The Black Book is hosting artwork by various artists on a rotation basis.

Pop down to The Black Book to meet the artist and be part of our fifth art exhibition.

The Black Book, Soho presents


Konstantsa Koleva

“Game Over”

About the artist:

Konstantsa Koleva is a Bulgarian artist, currently living and working in London. She obtained a BA in Furniture and Product Design from the London Metropolitan University in 2016, and subsequently graduated from her MA in Design: Expanded Practice from Goldsmiths University of London in 2018. Since then, Koleva has exhibited across Europe, including the United Kingdom, Italy, Bulgaria and Spain.

Koleva’s works on paper are versatile, always exploring different subject matters and translating her surroundings in a unique visual language. Koleva is implementing different mediums and techniques in her artworks such as acrylic paint, watercolour, collage, glitter, found objects, and more, making them engaging and relatable. Loneliness, happiness, emptiness, confusion, alienation, self-discovery and growth are some of the themes that the artist delves into. Everything from the London skylines, a balcony in Hampstead, to octopuses are reimagined through her artistic lens.

“Game over” is a selection of works which represents not only Koleva’s wide artistic practice in her representation of childhood and adulthood but also focuses on capturing the party spirit of The Black Book Soho, London, where the exhibition is on display. 

Combining Konstantsa’s drawings from childhood and her recent artworks the exhibition aims at bringing another perspective to visitors, while complimenting the vibrant culture of the ever-changing and never-sleeping quarter of Central London where people forget about their responsibilities and feel childlike again. The artworks are artistically named under sections of famous board, platform, card and drinking games, and their specifications.